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Monday, April 10, 2017

This Happened

Ela had her screen resolution too low but it nicely shows the fleet (minus drones) and the owner asking them to don't shoot, lol

This image was done up by a friend \o/


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lil Gray

We are making this post in remembrance of Elanores 1st Garmur ever. she became affectionately known as "Lil Gray" and had somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 kills to her name the best we can figure. The last pic taken of her was with 77 killmarks showing on her.
The sad day came recently when Elanore somehow thought she was in low sec and dove in to shoot someone she thought was invading a signature that I had been working on. Unfortunatelly that was 1 jump away and not in the 0.6 system where she was.

07 to you Lil Gray

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Holidays to All u pilots

Marry Christmas, Happy Holidays, happy Yoiul.
However u celebrate be happy \o/

Yes that is Reindeer pulling a Leopard shuttle if u want to know ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hello? Does this thing work now?

OMG I fixed it.
So now you will have me back here again to let u know of things that are going on with us in New Eden. So that people can spy on us and contemplate very bad things. ).) no, wait....
I mean so that.....

ok, let's jus say this.

Hello from New Eden we are back :)

At the moment of writing this I am nervously excited about the new ascension Deployment.
fingers crossed. yes and a couple toes also.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Elanore being Piratey

Having fun with a bit 'o piracy sometimes. in a nice way though ;)

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ela gets a POCO !

I am the proud new owner of a POCO after 2 days of negotiations between the owner and the corp that had shot it into reinforced mode :) Doesn't it look good on me?
I will repost a more detailed description of the goings on and how it went down because it was quite the exciting, nerve wracking, and learning experience in politics and negotiation to make this happen.
But it did!


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Temp pics for Eve friends so thats all

Here is some pics for Dom :)
p.s. this used to be another post so that is why thine link addy looks weird but zi think this is a better use of this location rather than that little temporary vent of mine.:p
pic 1-arctic ocean all froze over mid april
pic 2-A bit of the town on the ocean
pic 3 looking north towards tundra
pic 3-polar bears! poster
( click the pics to make all of the pic visible in full size :)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cyno with STYLE!!!

A Pilot we like to look out for and offer a little protection to greets us outside the station with a awesome display of fireworks during his cyno!
How very cool, what a gift :)
(name withheld for security purposes ;)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

A cyno pilot was sleeping drunk outside of station today...

(Local Chat)
Anna Ishere > Twix Altr <--- does anyone know this pilot?
Anna Ishere > Twix Altr wake up please. you are blocking the entrance to the station

No response. gives minutes.
Anna Ishere > HEY TWIX !
Elanore Wansmore > I don't know. jus do it.

Anna Shoots Twix's ship

Anna Ishere > Hey all, Ishukone Corporation Factory is free for docking now
Elanore Wansmore > I think using Twix's Trading and JF service is maybe a bad service investment
Anna Ishere > ya he must have undocked and passed out. He never even lit the cyno. all the fuel was still there in the wreck.
Elanore Wansmore > probably drunk in the stations bar for hours then zonked wen he undocked. I bet his clients is pissed
Anna Ishere > his capsule is just sitting there
Elanore Wansmore > definatelly drunk
Elanore Wansmore > you wanna put makeup on him so wen he wakes up others see him before he realizes?
Anna Ishere > Yes :)
Elanore Wansmore > ok you stand watch. I will be right back
Anna Ishere > ok

Elanore Wansmore > He will love it when he wakes up!
Anna Ishere > How does he sleep with his eyes open like that? omg that's creepy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

sort of have a bad conscience right now...sort of

Elanore Wansmore > dammit. wtf was I thinking shooting a capsule
JFK ofNorway > ouch @ pods - they seriously damage your sec.status hehe
Elanore Wansmore > yes
JFK ofNorway > very VERY tempting though LOL
Elanore Wansmore > there has been nothing else in space. I jus been ratting
Elanore Wansmore > omg. it was a 3 day old pod. not even worth it for the possible implant killmail
JFK ofNorway > ahhh :( 3 day old - almost get a bad conscience too then hahaha
Elanore Wansmore > yeah
JFK ofNorway > Well well. Shit happens. EVE is not a cosy place hehe
Elanore Wansmore > her mother must hav wanted a boy
JFK ofNorway > ?
Elanore Wansmore > Nicholas Axe is her name
JFK ofNorway > ahh - picture of a "girl" haha
Elanore Wansmore > so I was jus looking for reasons to justify having killed a 3 day old capsule
Elanore Wansmore > and so I thot about well maybe because of that stupid name
Elanore Wansmore > then I felt sorry for her for having that stupid name and felt even worse

This is Nicholas Axe

This is what Nicholas Axe looks like dead

Saturday, December 26, 2015

this just looks amazing...

...so I just had to rejump through to get a pic. hoping whatever was going on could spare me.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Corpse

I jumped through a gate an there was a corpse sitting there next to a wreck. there was others around the gate but I didn't feel threatened because I am nice like that :) So I zipped on over and took it. The loot was still in the wreck too so it must have just happened.

Aki Ituin > HEY
Violet Aeon > lol "WAS" is the key word i think
Aki Ituin > YEAH IT WAS
Aki Ituin > dammit
Aki Ituin > Have a merry christmas corpse!
Violet Aeon > o7
Aki Ituin > 7o